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Metaverse: A survey of streaming and communications optimizations
Bishoy Moussa
The Metaverse is the next generation of the Internet that would be accessible at our hands. People will not just be able to use it, they will be part of it. Metaverse is gaining demand and popularity on daily basis. Supported by the advance technological hypes in all fields, Metaverse challenges are getting resolved. Over the last few years, researchers were tackling these challenges. Yet, there are more challenges to fully release the Metaverse in all aspects of life. Challenges cover privacy, standardization, interoperability, haptics, immersion techniques, etc. This paper covers the communication and streaming challenges and lists research attempts as well as technological advances to tackle these challenges.

A Comprehensive Survey of Non-Factoid Systems Question-Answering
Samr Gamal Zanaty
A question-answering system's objective (QAS) is to provide the best response possible in any human language to a user's question. It has emerged as the way that by crawling both structured and unorganized collections of content, answers will be found in the future of internet search. Factoid question answering has been extensively studied, while answering non-factoid questions is a challenging task that examines more modern techniques of fact-finding and analysis, it can be done with a high degree of accuracy. The survey outlines the problems that were encountered in each module, how the researchers were able to fix them, as well as any benefits or drawbacks and any modifications. The survey's goal is to aid researchers in comprehending the field, as well as the many methodologies that have been used and their effects on performance.