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Free Style Learning Object Materials as a Service
Mahmoud Mohamed El-Khouly
To help reusing of learning object materials, we need to take a learner’s preference learning style into consideration. It starts from designing the learning materials, which should be capable for adaptation according to learner’ needs. Then, if we do not stick with a certain learning style, and can offer a free learning style, therefore we can increase the motivation for learners, as well as increase the reusing of these learning object materials especially when we provide these learning object materials through cloud infrastructure. By doing that, the effectiveness of reusing learning object materials will be improved. In this paper we build a cloud-based free style learning object material and offer it as a cloud service.

Software Component as a Service (SCaaS) Defense in Depth
Rola Motawie
Cloud computing has many advantages such as IT resource sharing, excellent scalability, flexibility and high automation level. Because of these advantages, cloud computing is rapidly becoming the Internet technology future. However, the reuse of the software components in cloud computing has been underachieving for many reasons, some of which involve multiple issues, such as the representations of program components, matching of requirements with existing programs, and so on. Software components contain code that can usually be executed only on specific platforms and an interface which supply the unique access to the component. [1] The code describes the operations that the component will perform when requested and the required input for the component to work correctly. A Software Component as a Service (SCaaS) combines the concept of cloud computing and software reuse. SCaaS delivers software components over the web. A SCaaS user uploads software components to the cloud; then, the SCaaS provider makes these components available on demand typically through a licensing model [1]. As with any cloud service model, SCaaS involves security challenges such as accountability, confidentiality, and integrity. Moreover, because a SCaaS may store user-specific data, it introduces an additional security threat: these components may contain malicious code. In this paper, a cloud that meets the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) requirements (accountability, confidentiality, and integrity) was

Color Visual Cryptography Scheme for Secret Sharing

Visual Cryptography Scheme (VCS) is a scheme for sharing a secret among a set of participants. By using VCS, the image can be encoded into parts or pieces each part or piece is called a share, and each share is given to a participant. In this paper, we proposed a visual cryptography scheme for embedding color secret image into two meaningful covers, and focused on improving the quality of the reconstructed secret by choosing meaningful covers that are close in similarity to the secret image. Experimental results proved that the process of choosing meaningful covers, close in similarity to the secret image, can help in improving almost 10% the visual quality of the reconstructed secret image.